La Mer de Glace at the Montenvers painted by BRICARD


La Mer de Glace at the Montenvers
Painting by BRICARD
Bricard, La Mer de Glace au Montenvers ©Musée Alpin Chamonix

This painting is the work of an unknown artist, named BRICARD.


The Montenvers ; La Mer de Glace




Oil on canvas

Analytical description

This painting represents the Mer de Glace seen from Montenvers. The seracs are represented like waves carried by the wind. In the foreground, he creates charming scenes where several characters move surrounded by a herd of goats. On the left, a man from behind seems absorbed in contemplating the glacier. On the right, a lady, has her clothes lifted by the wind. She is holding a little girl's hand, which is reaching out to a goat. They are watched by a guide, holding his mule by the bridle. The foreground gives a bucolic atmosphere to the painting which collides with the vastness of the glacier in the background.

Inventory number : AG.645