Arveyron cave by Johann Ludwig BLEULER

Arveyron cave
Drawing by Johann Ludwig Bleuler
La grotte de l'Arveyron, Johann Ludwig Bleuler, dessin ©VidalieDenis

Johann Ludwig Bleuler was a Swiss landscape artist, mainly active in the second quarter of the 19th century. Based in Schaffhausen in the north of Switzerland, he is the author of several series of prints of Swiss landscapes and in particular on the Rhine valley. However, he also illustrated all of Switzerland's tourist attractions in the 19th century, of which Chamonix was part of.


The Mer de Glace


2nd quarter 19th century


Graphite drawing, heightened with gouache and Arabic on wove paper.

Analytical description

Here, Bleuler represents the cave of the Arveyron. This ice cave was formed at the end of the Glacier des Bois and from its lair came the Arveyron river, in a sometimes tumultuous flow. The artist plays on the contrasts of the landscape, shapes and colors. He uses a wide palette where the bluish ice with sharp forms and shapes rubs the round rocks covered with a green and luscious vegetation. It bears witness to the extraordinary glaciers of the Chamonix valley which particularly attracted tourists and artists. The Alps are a symbol of an authentic and picturesque nature that offers contrasting and dramatic landscapes which excites the imagination of travelers. Bleuler is one of the representatives of these little Swiss masters who represented landscapes which delighted the eye of tourists in the 19th century.

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